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Missing in Rangoon Missing in Rangoon
by Christopher G. Moore

As foreigners rush into Myanmar with briefcases stuffed with plans and cash for hotels, shopping malls and high rises, they discover the old ways die hard. .... [read more]

The Orwell Brigade The Orwell Brigade
by John Burdett, Mike Lawson, John Lantigua, Gary Phillips, Ernesto Mallo, ... more.

Twelve authors have banded together under the Orwell banner: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”.... [read more]

Phnom Penh Noir Phnom Penh Noir
by Roland Joffé, James Grady, John Burdett, Christopher G. Moore, Kosal Khiev, Prabda Yoon,... more.

Many noir anthologies have inspired writers and publishers around the world to gather novelists to set noir stories in a city. When it comes to noir, not all cities are equal.... [read more]

Faking It in Bangkok Faking It in Bangkok
by Christopher G. Moore

The Cultural Detective established Christopher G. Moore as a writer whose essays deliver a unique perspective insight into Thai culture and contemporary political and social issues. In Faking It in Bangkok gangsters, gamblers,... [read more]

The Wisdom of Beer The Wisdom of Beer
by Christopher G. Moore

The annual Cobra Gold joint military operation arrives in Pattaya dumping thousands of US naval and marine personnel on the city. Russian Mafia and local Chinese-Thai gangsters decide this is a good time to rob a warehouse filled with war weapons... [read more]

The Cultural Detective The Cultural Detective
by Christopher G. Moore

The Cultural Detective is a book of finely selected articles from Christopher G. Moore’s weekly blogs. This book is divided into 4 major parts: Perspectives on Crime Fiction Writing... [read more]


Best Sellers

9 Gold Bullets 9 Gold Bullets
Twelfth in the Vincent Calvino P.I. Series

by Christopher G. Moore

A priceless collection of 9 gold bullet coins issued during the Reign of Rama V has gone missing along with a Thai coin collector. Local police find a link between the missing Thai coins and... [read more]

Bangkok Noir Bangkok Noir
by John Burdett, Stephen Leather, Pico Iyer, Colin Cotterill, Christopher G. Moore,.. more.

Bangkok is one of the great cities in the world, but unlike other great metropolises it has no noir tales to its name. Bangkok Noir puts that to right... [read more]

Ageing Disgracefully Ageing Disgracefully
by Colin Cotterill

Ageing Disgracefully is a delightful collection of short stories that takes a humorous and life-affirming look at lives of people who, though considerably advanced in years, are still behaving very, very naughtily... [read more]


The Corruptionist The Corruptionist
Eleventh in the Vincent Calvino P.I. Series

by Christopher G. Moore

Set during the recent turbulent times in Thailand, the 11th novel in the Calvino series centers around the street demonstrations and occupation of Government House in Bangkok... [read more]

Diary of a Thai Escort Diary of a Thai Escort
by Anonymous

Am I a bad girl? Today I slept with a man for money for the first time. He was an American called David and he was thirty-five years old, exactly ten years older than me. Am I a bad girl? I don’t think so. I just want to do what is best for my parents and my son... [read more]


Heart Talk Heart Talk
by Christopher G. Moore

Heart Talk is a study of the emotional range of the Thai language through the word ‘jai’ or heart in English. It provides a comprehensive list of 900 jai phrases, neatly organized for different situations... [read more]


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