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Title: Missing In Rangoon
Thirteenth in the Vincent Calvino P.I. Series
Author: Christopher G. Moore
ISBN: 978-616-7503-17-2
Published: 2013
Format: Paperback, 335 pages
Price: Baht495 / USD13.95
Release date: December 2012


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As foreigners rush into Myanmar with briefcases stuffed with plans and cash for hotels, shopping malls and high rises, they discover the old ways die hard. Vincent Calvino’s case is to find a young British-Thai man gone missing in Myanmar, while his best friend and protector Colonel Pratt of the Royal Thai Police has an order to cut off the supply of cold pills from Myanmar used for the methamphetamine trade in Thailand.

As one of the most noir novels in the Vincent Calvino series, Missing in Rangoon plays out beneath the moving shadows of the cross-border drug barons. Pratt and Calvino’s lives are entangled with the invisible forces inside the old regime and their allies who continue to play by their own set of rules.



One interruption of a brilliant piece of fiction is that if one single paragraph be taken away from the work then the whole story crumbles to dust without making sense. Writing fiction is about taking away what is not required. One must chip chip chip away at a rock to uncover a statue. Missing in Rangoon achieves this. The balance of dialogue, description, and action is perfect.
James Newman

An entertaining and enjoyable sojourn into complex terrain of Rangoon.
Robert Kitchin, View from the Bluehouse

The story is delicious. Calvino gets a missing person’s case that takes him to Myanmar (Burma), drugs are involved, and the plot takes several wonderful twists that keep the reader mesmerized... In our opinion, some of the best writing in the book concerns the labyrinthine Burmese legal system and its courts... with an eye for detail [it’s] remarkably descriptive and enchanting... It’s Moore at his best... Reading a book like Missing in Rangoon will open up a whole new world of knowledge that will help the reader to understand the element in the story that the newspaper — and reporter — dared not reveal.
WoWasis Travelblog

Missing in Rangoon is another feather in Moore's cap.
Bernard Trink, Bangkok Post

Moore is a masterful story teller ... [Missing in Rangoon] is excellent.
Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail

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