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Title: Bangkok Noir
Author: John Burdett, Stephen Leather, Pico Iyer, Colin Cotterill, Christopher G. Moore, Tew Bunnag, Timothy Hallinan, Alex Kerr, Dean Barrett, Vasit Dejkunjorn, Eric Stone, Collin Piprell
ISBN: 978-616-7503-04-2
Published: 2011
Format: Trade Paperback, 289 pages
Price: Baht450 / USD15.95

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Bangkok is one of the great cities in the world, but unlike other great metropolises it has no noir tales to its name. Bangkok Noir puts that to right.

In this first ever noir anthology of Bangkok, twelve seasoned and internationally known—Thai and Western—writers have come together to make a powerful collection of crime fiction short stories that portray the dark side of this Asian metropolis where the lives of most citizens seem as far away from heaven as its Thai name Krungthep is distant from its meaning—City of Angels.

In Bangkok Noir, the twelve short stories of various shades of black involve gangsters and hitmen, love and betrayal, the supernatural, the possessed and the dispossessed, and the far distant future. Titles in this collection include: John Burdett’s Gone East, Stephen Leather’s Inspector Zhang and the Dead Thai Gangster, Tew Bunnag’s The Mistress Wants Her Freedom, Colin Cotterill’s Halfhead, Pico Iyer’s Thousand and One Nights, and Christopher G. Moore’s Dolphin Inc.

The authors and publisher will donate half of their earnings from this book to selected charity organizations which provide education to needy children in Thailand.

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This first ever noir anthology of Bangkok is a powerful collection of crime fiction short stories that portray the dark side of the Asian metropolis, which natives call Krung Thep or City of Angels, inspite of the fact that most of them lead lives as far from heaven as it gets.

If you enjoy thrillers, especially ‘noir’ thrillers, this is the book for you. A dozen of the best authors of the genre all in one book.
Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail

The stories, about crooks, cops, gangsters, hit-men, bar girls, shaman and street vendors, show the underbelly of Bangkok. It isn't pretty, but as the first of its kind, Bangkok Noir is a good read.
Bangkok Post

Bangkok Noir, with its twelve short stories, makes up a brief but exciting read. The anthology is part of a more and more distinct Bangkok noir movement that brings to the surface the darker sides of this city, exposing all its ugliness, hardships, and injustices that the powers-to-be would like kept at bay, right where they are: in the dark.
—Review by Voicu Mihnea Simandan


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