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Title: Faking It in Bangkok
Author: Christopher G. Moore
ISBN: 978-616-7503-13-4
Published: 2012
Format: Trade Paperback, 278 pages
Price: Baht495 / USD13.95

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The Cultural Detective established Christopher G. Moore as a writer whose essays deliver a unique perspective insight into Thai culture and contemporary political and social issues. In Faking It in Bangkok gangsters, gamblers, killers and other criminals are brought to life in the essays. Readers who follow Moore’s crime novels will enjoy his detours through the hard-edged noir world of Thailand with whistle stops on the digital age express. Moore’s signature irony and humor riffs are also not to be missed as he explores an eclectic range of subjects, from ghosts and fortunetellers to the de facto tribal seating on the BTS.



This is a warehouse of compelling info related with wry humour and relayed in sleek prose, as Moore has a knack for mixing highbrow musings and quotes from Noam Chomsky with gritty details about the low lives of local hitmen.
—PATA Compass (July/August 2012)

Christopher Moore speaks with the authority of one who has been there and seen it.
Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail

Moore is a keen observer of ''Thai-ness''. His insights are offered in an entertaining and cheeky manner, but without the usual condescension typical in the works of many outside observers.... The truths he reveals are at times comical, endearing and cringe-worthy, but they all show a side of Thai society worth examining.... He shows a love and appreciation for a society that has its flaws and virtues.
Voranai Vanijka, political and social commentator, Bangkok Post


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