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Title: Spirit House
First in the Vincent Calvino P.I. Series
German Edition: Haus der Geister
Author: Christopher G. Moore
ISBN: 974-92389-3-1
Published: 2004
Format: Trade Paperback, 306 pages
Price: Baht395 / USD14.95


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The Bangkok police already have a confession by a nineteen-year-old drug addict who has admitted to the murder of a British computer wizard, Ben Hoadly. From the bruises on his face shown at the press conference, it is clear that the young suspect had some help from the police in the making of his confession. The case is wrapped up. Only there are some loose ends that the police and just about everyone else is happy to over look.

The search for the killer of Ben Hoadley plunges Calvino into the dark side of Bangkok, where professional hit men have orders to stop him. From the world of thinner addicts, dope dealers, fortunetellers, and high-class call girls, Calvino peels away the mystery surrounding the death of the English ex-public schoolboy who had a lot of dubious friends.



Well-written, tough and bloody.
—Bernard Knight, Tangled Web (UK)

A thinking man’s Philip Marlowe, Calvino is a cynic on the surface but a romantic at heart. Calvino . . . found himself in Bangkok—the end of the world for a whole host of bizarre foreigners unwilling, unable, or uninterested in going home.
—The Daily Yomiuri

A worthy example of a serial character, Vinee Calvino is human and convincing. [He] is an incarnate of the composite of the many expatriate characters who have burned the bridge to their pasts.
—Thriller Magazine (Italy)

For those who love Asia, they will devour Moore’s novels. He opens [Bangkok] in her darkest, most amusing facets. He reveals the inhabitants’ mindsets, their secrets and their temptations. Bangkok is his central figure.
—Stadtmagazin Krefeld

A complex and suggestive plot set in the underworld of Bangkok, full of foreign inhabitants. With all her contradictions, the city is more than a backdrop. She is alive.

Best in this Spring. Unionverslag brings the best selling author Christopher G. Moore to Germany. Hopefully more [of his novels] will follow.

Good, that there are still real crime writers. Christopher G. Moore’s [Spirit House] is colourful and crafty.
—Johannes Kaiser, Hessischer Rundfunk

Moore writes brilliantly and thrillingly.
—Schweizer Familie

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