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Title: Sex Talk
Author: Kaewmala
ISBN: 978-974-94788-3-7
Published: 2009
Format: Paperback, 327 pages
Price: Baht495 / USD13.95


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Hook up and hang out in the Thai erotic world.

Whether you are in love or seeking love with a Thai
Or you are simply curious how Thais think and talk about love and sex

sextalk in your indispensable guide to Thai sexuality

sextalk takes you on a journey to explore the Thai erotic jungle where
love and lust set their traps. Your search for romance will be an intriguingly funny and wild, befuddling and eye-opening romp.

sextalk author Kaewmala reveals from a Thai-female perspective the vocabulary of love, romance and Thai sexual relations with well-researched explanations, wit and a wealth of humorous stories.

In Search of Love and Romance is the only erotic-romantic Thai language guide in English. It is much more than a love dictionary or a romantic phrasebook.

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“For newcomers to Thai culture [Sex Talk] provides some interesting background information; for those more versed in Thai it is a handy guide to the amorous idiom.
Bangkok Post
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