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Title: Bangkok A Go Go
Author: John Hail
ISBN: 974-91588-3-0
Published: 2003
Format: Paperback, 313 pages
Price: Baht395 / USD13.95


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Bangkok A-go-Go, a novel by John Hail, published by Heaven Lake Press, described in a rave review by the Pattaya Mail " one helluva book."

The novel starts in a Bangkok bar but soon the reader is transported to the key times and places of Thailand's turbulent political history and to the jungle camps of Thai communist guerrillas and Cambodian rebels. Set in the 1970s and '80s, Bangkok A-go-Go presents a unique vision of the political struggles that shaped Thailand's recent history. Bangkok A-go-Go is written from an insider's knowledge of these events.

The author is one of the best known members of the Bangkok foreign correspondent community, a 25-year member and two-time board member of the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand. Hail, an American from California, has reported major events from Asia since 1976. He served as Bureau Chief for UPI and DPA, covering coups and earthquakes in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and elsewhere in the region.

John Hail was Thailand Bureau Chief for UPI and DPA. If you would like to an arrange an interview with John Hail, please contact the Heaven Lake Press Editorial Department at 02258-2543 Ext. 101.

John Hail crafted this book over a 10-year period and Thai old-hands have been talking about it for years.

In Bangkok A-go-Go there is a compelling story-line that blends fiction and history in a way that only a highly experienced reporter is capable of doing. What makes Bangkok A-go-Go special also is its unique perspective on a still-controversial period when Thai students and other idealists fled to jungle to take up arms against the military dictatorship that had seized power in Bangkok.

Advance of publication copies of Bangkok A-go-go will soon be available at all leading bookstores in Thailand, and for those readers living outside of Thailand, copies may be ordered from our web site by going to our Order page at

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