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H.E. Sam Sotha
Secretary-General, Cambodian Mine Action Authority, and Advisor to the Prime Minister of Cambodia


Sam Sotha and his wife Sony are survivors of the Khmer Rouge’s brutal regime. Sam Sotha’s memoir, In The Shade of A Quiet Killing Place, is an inspirational story of faith in the couple’s four-year journey and survival through the Killing Fields.

After 15 years of resettlement in the United States—where he became a leading advocate for refugees and an active local political leader, whose contributions have been recognized with numerous awards—Sam Sotha returned to Cambodia in 1995. Ever since, he has devoted his life to help reconciling his country to the past. As the Secretary General of the Cambodian Mine Action Authority, Sam Sotha’s mission is to clear Cambodia of landmines. He also serves as advisor to the prime minister of Cambodia.

In The Shade of A Quiet Killing Place


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