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Christopher Minko

Australian Christopher Minko is the founder, composer, songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist of “KROM,” the elusive, exclusive and reclusive Phnom Penh-based band formed in 2010 with Khmer vocalist Sophea Chamroeun and sound engineer Sarin Chhuon. After a youth drenched in music, he was part of the cult 80s Australian band “The Bachelors from Prague” before arriving in Southeast Asia over 20 years ago. He has called Cambodia home since 1996.

Phnom Penh Noir: KROM “Buckets of Blood,” “Prison of Sobriety,” “The Ying,” “Bangkok Tattoo,” “Don’t Go Away,” “Mango Madness / Monsoon Sadness,” “Where’d Ya Go,” “Phnom Penh,” and “Tango Traffic Tango” .



Phnom Penh Noir


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