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Company Profile

        Heaven Lake Press was founded in 1998. We have been committed to publishing the best literature – with a focus on Southeast Asian people, events, culture and history – by international writers both based in Thailand and abroad. In the past decade, we have been recognized as a publisher of quality books. HLP office is located in Bangkok; please click here for more contact information.

        Heaven Lake Press is a small team of professionals who run a small Thai publishing house. We publish fiction and nonfiction, both original and reprints, by some of the most recognized and award-winning writers who share their passion for the charms of Southeast Asia (see list of all writers). We put a great deal of care in the production of our books. We have worked with some of Thailand’s leading translators and we are proud of our relationship with the Thai writing community.

        We specialize in fiction – literary and crime fiction, as well as books on history, language, culture and relationships. Our list of titles is continuously expanding. Our books are published primarily in English, although we have started to publish books translated into German and Thai. Our books appear in a full range of formats – including hardcover, trade paperback, mass market paperback, and eBooks, for the widest possible readership (click here to find out more about our eBooks).

        All of our books are available at leading bookstores in Thailand – including Asia Books and Kinokuniya (see list of all bookstores). Amarin is our distributor for our Thai language titles, which can be found in over 150 bookstores throughout Thailand. For local readers (located in Thailand) who wish to buy our books online, please click here.

        For international readers, our books are available online at Kagi.com, a trustworthy website that has served our international customers for several years. We also have a staff that monitors all online orders throughout the weekday working hours in order to make sure that our readers will experience the best services.

        Find out how to buy our books online here.

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